The Origin Of Spirit

The Spirit is thought in action!Spirit is of a “substance” totally alien to anything material. The Spirit cannot be found in matter, because their nature and consistency are completely different from each other.

Spirit originates from the higher realms of the beyond, the metaphysical, and it is pure and immortal in its primal form. The Spirit is the masculine form of God, which does not enter into the field of creation. It creates the thought and thought forms of an idea.

The Spirit is thought in action! Therefore, Spirit is God in action! God is thought that manifests as form, in accordance with the Law of Cause and Effect.

For example, what is a table?  It’s a thought or idea that has taken on form. Without the “idea” there can be no “form.” Thought, or the idea, always precedes the form.

Spirit does however, have the capacity to shape its environment by exerting a pressure on it. We can create or change our own reality with our thoughts and emotions by using tools such as Meditation, Affirmation, Contemplation, Visualization, and Affirmative Prayer.

Through thought, Spirit is able to direct the process of movement in its surroundings. In this way it animates the physical body that it dwells in which allows many other tools such as journaling, goal setting, and planning to be used in helping us to create and change our realities.

It is our duty in this life to awaken to our Spirit. To raise our consciousness to our Divinity, to enjoy life, to seek spiritual knowledge, and to manifest into form, with our God-given gifts and talents, those inactive thoughts within us. To do otherwise would be a “sin” against the Spirit, and separates us from our Selves! 


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