What Spirit Is Not!

Double Mystery Question MarkThe word “spirit” in its various uses can be confusing. Since it belongs to the realm of the physically intangible, everything connected to the term spirit remains wrapped in mystery.

On one hand, "spirit" is understood as something to be feared. Especially when related to as an entity that belongs within the domain of ghosts, goblins and demons. Superstitions, myths, stories, and movies have been built around this particular interpretation. Thus, many now get the wrong impression whenever the word "spirit" is mentioned engendering a great amount of fear and speculation in many people.
Note: According to the Laws of Creation, fear is unnatural. It can develop only when knowledge of God and His Laws are lacking. 

On the other hand, we find another totally different interpretation of the word "spirit." For instance the expression to be “rich in spirit" is commonly interpreted as having a strong intellect or high quality of awareness. Hence, those who have a wide variety of worldly experiences, and are well versed in various subjects or in their profession, are regarded as being rich in spirit, when in fact many of them are not in any way spiritual.

Another use of the term "spirit" is associated with "spiritism," or the belief that the living can and do communicate with the spirits of the departed, and to the various practices by which such communication is attempted.

The term "Spirit," as we use it in Spirit-ology, refers to none of these various interpretations.


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