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  • Spirit-ology explores the “Spirit,” our “true Self,” to discover what our true Spirit is! Knowing how to use the power of the Spirit is the key to removing obstacles and dissolving wrong conditions.
  • Spirit is, “The Vital Principle Or Animating Force Within All Living Things.” This force that gives us LIFE is, quite literally, “The Breath of God.”
  • Since the word "spirit" belongs to the realm of the physically intangible, everything connected to the term spirit is wrapped in mystery and can be confusing in its various uses.
  • Spirit originates from the higher realms of the beyond, the metaphysical, and it is pure and immortal in its primal form. The Spirit is the masculine form of God.
  • To know that the Spirit is one’s own real innermost “Self” is the first stage to spiritual enlightenment and development.
  • The Spirit, or Mind, is not meant to be our only discernment faculty. It is the power of our Soul that contains all of our emotions and experiences.
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